Equine Beauties - The Horses of the Rich and Powerful

The noble horse has long been revered for its beauty, strength, intelligence and aesthetics and as a valuable status symbol for the rich and powerful. This documentary takes a look at four very different cultural groups and their relationships with their horses.

In very many cultures, the horse is considered the most noble of all animals. Their size, their speed, their incredible power and unique physical aesthetic have fascinated people for centuries. It is no wonder then that the rich and the ruling classes are driven by the desire to own and breed the most beautiful and fastest horses possible. It has long been a symbol of social status to be immortalized sitting on a horse. It lifts the rider from the social masses and makes the horse a living throne - a status symbol. To this very day, there is no other animal that gives its owner comparable authority.

The powerful and their horses - this is the topic of our four-part series. The films journey into cultures that could not be more different - Oman, India, the USA and Russia, where we encounter people from essentially very different worlds. But one thing binds them all: they are rich, powerful and wild about their noble steeds!