Enlightenment Guaranteed

Two Brothers want to get their screwed-up lives together by going to Japan for a retreat in a Zen monastery. Enroute their midlife crises turns into  a midnight crises when they get lost in Tokyo?s neon jungle and can?t find the way back to their hotel. It?s down and out in Asia?s brave new world.

With no papers, credit cards, directions and with no Yen in their pockets, they wander through a kaleidoscopic alien environment where the simplest everyday things become major, if often comical, challenges. They have to survive by their wits and certainly never expected the Zen concept of "leaving everything behing" to be like this.

Life in the monastery is an immersion of a more subtle kind. The mundane and the sublime - where does the one stop and the other start? What does cleaning the floor have to do with cleansing your heart? Still, the enigma of enlightenment keeps them going. But although it often seems just within their grasp, it continues to elude them.

And yet, even if they don?t fully realize it, at the very core of their being, its changing them?.

German Distributor: Megaherz GmbH