Dream Cities

Istanbul and Venice - their glittering past, unique locations and mysterious atmosphere, full of history and stories have made both cities legendary. Both lie on and in the water, lapped by the waves of canals and the sea, and both have developed their own special architectural and design culture. Both cityscapes are particularly impressive from the air, their shapes and layout are clear. The helicopter's camera records impressive images of mosques and palaces, crosses canals, follows large cruise ships and small fishing boats. On the Bosporus and the Canale Grande, the films' author Ute Brucker meets people, who work and live in the special ambiance of these island cities and who with their critical and creative ideas are constantly making the cities even more attractive.


  • Dream Cities - Island City of Istanbul (Part 1)
  • Dream Cities - Island City of Venice (Part 2)

Available Episodes:

Dream Cities - Island City of Istanbul (Part 1)

The glory of the past, the decaying charm of history and the emergent future on the Bosporus. It is said that if the longing for happiness can be satisfied anywhere then it is Istanbul. Istanbul is a city on the East-West divide that seems to work and to offer the best of both worlds. "Dream Cities" undertakes a journey that shows us, as succinctly put by the writer Joachim Sartorius, "that this Europe would have been a very different place without Byzantium."

Dream Cities - Island City of Venice (Part 2)
Twenty million tourists visit Venice every year, which is both a blessing and a curse and the reason why, for example, Donna Leon does not always speak well of the home city of her fictional character, Commissario Brunetti. But she does have some favorite corners such as the Rialto Market which she shares with us.