Death off Lampedusa - Europe's Fall from Grace

"Death off Lampedusa - Europe's Fall from Grace" tells the stories that culminated on that fateful night in October 2013 when 380 people drowned within reach of a destination long hoped for.

During the night of October 4, 2013 off the coast of the small Italian island of Lampedusa a boat carrying over 540 refugees on their way from Africa to Europe capsized. More than 380 souls drowned that night. Never before had so many refugees died on one boat.
Who were these people that had chosen to make this dangerous journey? What had forced them to leave their homes? In Wiesbaden, the filmmakers found a survivor from that night: Dawit, a young man, who after a year-long flight through North Africa had made his way onto that boat for the journey across the Mediterranean. He was travelling with his friend Bimnet, who died on that fateful night off Lampedusa.

"Death off Lampedusa - Europe's Fall from Grace" attempts to trace those refugees: to Eritrea, Sudan, Libya. The reporters visited family, friends and fellow travelers. Over the course of the film, the drama, suffering, fear, danger, doubt and the reasons for their flight are brought vividly to life. As is the one thing that drove Dawit and Bimnet ever onwards: hope. The hope of a better life in Europe. The hope that they would be able to start anew with dignity and in safety, a world away from the persecution and torture they faced in their own country.