CrimeTime - The Ex Files

Two ex-lovers have to work together on their small-town police force, Lukas and Kristina. What Lukas doesn't know - and never will, if Kristina has any say: He has a daughter with her, Jule.

Available in the Crime Time comedy series:

  • All Claire (40 x 45 min)
  • The Ex Files (24 x 45 min)
  • Berlin Beat (32 x 45 min)

Berlin police inspector Lukas Hundt gets in trouble when he has a fling with his boss's girlfriend, and is transferred to the boondocks in Thuringia. There, his new partner Kristina Katzer is his ex-girlfriend and is anything but happy to see her lover boy again. She and Lukas have a 13-year-old daughter together, Jule, who she wants to keep secret from Lukas to keep him out of her life. So while Lukas is annoyed with his backwoods assignment, Kristina is just as annoyed with him and wants to get rid of him as soon as possible.  Kristina lives on a picturesque winery with her mother and daughter. No one, not even Jule or Kristina's best friend Yvette, the precinct's secretary and den mother, has any idea who Jule's real father is. Neither does police chief Joseph, who's always got his nose in a book anyway. So no one understands why the mood at the precinct is suddenly so tense, since Lukas and Kristina are partners ?