Crime Scene: Rainforest

Four fifths of the world's old-growth forests are endangered by illegal clearing and logging, with the rest soon to follow. The illegal lumber trade is the third-largest source of profits for worldwide organized crime, right after drugs and guns.

The rogue loggers slash and burn without compunction. Their camps are deep in the jungle. Politicians, police and border guards are paid off to turn a blind eye. The legal situation is unclear. The international appetite for cheap lumber is gigantic, no one wants to ask a lot of questions about where the wood is from. Alexander von Bismarck, a descendant of the famed Prussian Reichs-Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, is a man on a mission. Working for an environmental group, he travels undercover to north-eastern China, secretly collecting video and audio evidence for the huge quantities of lumber being illegally exported to the USA and Europe from there, where it is sold on the legal market. For the first time ever, von Bismarck exposes the secret network and illicit ties behind the worldwide lumber mafia, and shows how the black-market wood winds up in our shopping baskets as toilet seats, garden chairs and toothpicks.

45' and 52' version available