Cream Kisses

Rent-a-cook Lilly is trying to set up her own catering firm with her assistant Pablo, when she discovers she's pregnant. The good news has adverse effects not only on her career plans when the budding father, sports editor Christian, gets cold feet. Lilly has no choice but to cut and run. But she's not alone for long. Her handsome new neighbor Ulli falls for her and doesn't seem to have any problem with her pregnancy. Now it's Lilly's turn to get cold feet. How can she know what she really wants, pumped full of hormones wreaking havoc in her brain? Together with her also-pregnant girlfriend Ida, Lilly tries to figure out if she can imagine a life with Ulli, or whether it's Christian she still loves, when he suddenly gets in touch with his paternal side and wants to win her back. Featuring rom-com star Christine Neubauer, based on the bestselling novel by TV host Bärbel Schäfer and Susanne Luerweg.

Rent-a-cook Lilly discovers she's pregnant and has to choose between prospective fathers. Starring German rom-com powerhouse Christine Neubauer.