Crazy Iwan (2/4)

Dorn and Lessing investigate the death of a woman during a robbery at her place of work. But all is not as it seems. It turns out that the accidental shooting was in fact a deliberate hit which could have been orchestrated by the woman's boss with whom she was having an affair. He in turn would seem to have many more skeletons in his closet.

Secretary Sylvia Kleinert is shot by a masked gunman during a robbery at the offices of the city treasury. Weimar's finest Dorn and Lessing soon find indications that it was in fact a deliberate hit. When it emerges that Sylvia had been in a relationship with the city treasurer Iwan Windisch, he becomes the focus of the investigation. Did he pay someone to stage the robbery and murder Sylvia to prevent his extremely jealous wife Nicole from discovering the affair?
During the course of their investigation, the detectives meet Rita Eisenheim, who runs a ghost train with her husband Josef. Josef Eisenheim has apparently disappeared, but when shown a photograph, the detectives see that he bears an uncanny resemblance to Iwan Windisch - could it be the same man? The detectives start to suspect that the city treasurer was living a bizarre double life.