Coming In

Notoriously hip Berlin based celebrity hair dresser Tom Herzner falls in love with Heidi, the quirky owner of a neighborhood hair salon, turning both of their worlds upside down. So far so good. Only one problem: Tom is gay.  

Director Marco Kreuzpaintner made his breakthrough with "Summer Storm", a coming-of-age and coming-out drama also starring Kostja Ullmann. In 2009, Kreuzpaintner's fantasy film "Krabat" won three German Film Awards. Kreuzpaintner also directed the Roland Emmerich-produced thriller "Trade," starring Kevin Kline, in 2007. With its rapid-fire dialogues and witty vignettes of gay life, "Coming In" depicts a lighter side of gender relations that will touch - and tickle - every viewer.

Tom Herzner, 30, is the hair stylist for men in Berlin. He's attractive, glamorous, runs a posh salon and is an openly gay celebrity who is seen as a role model for the gay community. But when he plans his first hair-product line, the cosmetic company rep gets jittery: he feels that just targeting men is too restrictive. What about women? To get an idea of what women want, Tom is forced to work incognito at a hair salon-cum-barber-shop somewhere in an edgy Berlin neighborhood run by the sassy, gut-honest Heidi.
Heidi outfits Tom with a wig and a soccer T-shirt, and mischievously renames him "Horst." A few days into his undercover work, the bewildered Tom starts to enjoy his role.  Heidi's selfless and unpretentious nature gives Tom a whole new take on things and helps him create a shampoo that will drive both sexes crazy. His main source of amazement, though, is Heidi herself, who puts up with a soccer-crazed boyfriend and has fallen madly in love with the unattainable Tom. He, meanwhile, is being put in his place by his friends, for he, too, has fallen in love: with Heidi...