Checker Can - Check it out! (50 x 25 min)

"Checker" Can asks the sort of questions that make everyone curious: Do plants have teeth? How do you arrest a thief? Why do shoes stink? Or how do you tie a turban? In every episode there is only ONE topic. From his Checker hangout Can sets off and looks for answers in his compact and entertaining reportages.

For every question he seeks out the right expert. In the end has not only the Checker been checked - but the viewing audience along with him. He asks questions, wants to try out everything and takes some risks, even bad passes and disgraces. Everything gets checked. The topics are as colorful as the world itself! In one episode Checker Can handles the subject of goats. Are they really the dumb, boring bleaters as the story goes? And why does a billy goat stink? In order to find this out, he immerses himself in the animal world, milks the goats, cleans out their pen, drives them to pasture and hunts down a billy goat. In his Checker hangout Can finally gives evidence that goats are anything but stupid and explains in a chat with an animal expert why goats have slanted eyes.

50 x 25 min