Celebrity Challenge - Quiz around the World

Not only a television classic but also the mother of all German quiz shows?In the earliest days of television, this game show brought international flair, a whole lot of knowledge and fun into the German living room. Between 1964 and 1987 "Celebrity Challenge" was broadcast 89 times - then with a record market share of up to 80%! Now this successful prime time program is returning to the screen - with even more fun, and more games - entertainment at its best!

8 celebrities from 8 countries play to win. All the questions and games in the studio pertain to the countries of origin of the candidates. In order to make it into the final round, it is a definite advantage if the celebrities speak the host's language as well as possible?The candidates have to put their knowledge to the test, as well as prove their skill and speed in funny physical games. Assertiveness in one-on-one duels and team spirit in two-man team games. Only the person who masters all of this can emerge as the evening's winner and donate 25,000 Euro to a charity.

89 x 90+ min.

Frequency: Weekly | Primetime

Preliminary round
8 candidates compete as pairs in single duels against each other. Each duel extends over three rounds where both knowledge and athletic activity are required. For example in the game "true or false" each celebrity makes a claim about his home country. The opponent has to guess whether the statement is correct or not.

The preliminary round determines which respective winner in a duel qualifies for the semifinals. In two-man teams over three rounds there is a play-off as to who will qualify for the "Celebrity Challenge" finals. In the "Body & Brain" game for example the candidate pair has to put their knowledge and cleverness to the test. If all of the questions cannot be answered by one candidate, the team partner can still win points through the cleverness game. Only the winning team goes on to the finals.

In the finals team partners revert to being opponents. One after the other the finals candidates take a seat on the "Celebrity Challenge" podium and answer five open questions about current affairs.