Call Me Altmann - The Two Lives of a War Criminal

The story of one of the most brutal Nazi war criminals ever. Sentenced to death several times over, he was able to continue his inhuman and deadly career for decades after the end of the war: The infamous Butcher of Lyon Klaus Barbie.

This doc paints a shocking new picture of Klaus Barbie's role in the Cold War. Records released for the first time allow us to reconstruct Barbie's activities for various employers: International intelligence agencies, ministries and government. The man who documented the stations of his life over 180 pages in 26 "episodes", looks back at his eerie career: Under the name of Altmann, Klaus Barbie continued his criminal career in Bolivia unimpeded. As part of a network of ex-Nazis, protected by Western intelligence agencies, he was able to launch a second career as torturer, secret agent and con man in the service of brutal military dictators, ruthless drug lords and international arms dealers. Barbie knew no remorse. His writings are historical documents, granting us a unique insight into the mind of a monster.

The filmmakers set out on the trail of Klaus Barbie in Germany, France and Bolivia. Their doc exposes an amazing and shameful chapter in post-war history.