Bulb Fiction

The EU decision to replace all incandescent light bulbs by 2016 was heralded as a great step by industry, business, politics and environmentalists, without any thought to the health risks posed by the mercury-laden energy-saving bulbs. A hard-hitting investigative exposé of a lighting scandal kept in the dark.

The guideline was already passed before a broad discussion of possible dangers took place. It is an experiment with uncertain outcome. It is already clear, however, that the high levels of poisonous mercury in the celebrated energy-savings light bulbs has already led to serious health risks in the household. Bulb Fiction is hard-hitting investigate journalism, unearthing unsettling details: At heart of the reform are not just light bulbs, but greedy, power-hungry business and lobbying interests, whose motives are profit and not ecology. The hypocrisy leads to deliberate disinformation, aided by equally compromised politicians and enabled by consumer's ignorance and naiveté - who are deliberately kept in the dark.

52 min (English) or 92 min (German) version available