Between Frontlines - ICRC Delegates at Work

Crisis areas, war zones, hot spots - this is what the workplace of members of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) looks like. For the first time ever the ICRC opened its doors to a TV crew for a whole year. The result is a wealth of gripping and moving stories, showing what the ICRC experts do and feel on their dangerous missions around the globe.

Documentary Series
6 x 42 min (English)

The assignments take us from ICRC HQ in Switzerland to Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Israel and Afghanistan. In Geneva, first-timer Stéphanie Eller is prepared for the hard reality of work in crisis zones. After her training, she's assigned to visit prisoners in Israel, where she's confronted with the effects of a decades-long conflict on the civilian population. In Colombia, ICRC bureau chief Abraham Doblado meets with rebels and armed militias, never ceasing to fight for the security of the local population, always careful not to wind up between the two sides. In Kabul, Afghanistan, local employee Najmuddin is the head of the ICRC orthopedic center. He was seriously injured by a land mine when he was 18 and he has to wear prostheses himself. Every day, he fights to keep the handicapped from being rejected by a war-weary society. The Democratic Republic of Congo shows us what decades of war mean for the victims. We see minors, who were roaming the jungles with weapons as child soldiers just a short while ago, try to find their way back into civil society. We see families that have been torn apart reunite. Touching and emotional images that show the courageous careers and dangerous duties of ICRC experts.