Bavaria - A View from the Heavens

For 18 months, a film crew in a helicopter filmed the Free State of Bavaria from above. This undertaking has resulted in 8 films full of extraordinary, high-quality aerial footage which present the seven Bavarian administrative districts and their landscapes in the context of their rich, and also their religious, past and present.   The films capture the magnificent cathedrals and monasteries, the tiny Catholic mountainside chapels and the Protestant town and village churches, as well as the synagogues and mosques - all unique and embedded, in film, in a cultural landscape that is shaped by faith in God.  

Episode titles:

  • Upper Bavaria (Part 1-6)
  • Swabia (1-3)
  • Lower Bavaria
  • Upper Palatinate
  • Middle Franconia
  • Upper Franconia
  • Lower Franconia

also available: 8 x 30 min and 24 x 15 min version