Bassiona Amorosa

Six contrabasses - it's an exceptional view, how the young men from Bassiona Amorosa and their enormous instruments are growing out of their depth.


They came as virtuosi of their profession from the dispersed world of Eastern Europe to Germany. It is here where they found their musical homeland and themselves in an extraordinary ensemble. The men raise the instrument from the dark corner of the orchestra pit onto the stage, where the contrabass comes to stand in front, autonomous. The movie tells the story of Anne Sophie Mutter how she is inspired by the "breathtaking virtuosity" and "phenomenal musical skills" of these six men. But Bassiona is more than just a story about music and individual talents. Bassiona is a part of modern Europe. The life of the young men tells about home and migration, poverty and pop-culture, dreams and devotion. We accompany these men crossing boarders. Will they have the courage to establish themselves in the tough classical music business? Or do they rather look for the security of the orchestra that gives them financial stability - even though this decision could destroy the group? Bassiona is like a road movie, showing six young men in search of their origins, while they travel to rehearsals and concerts throughout Europe, USA and Switzerland. They have to go new paths. When they finally meet pop musicians like MIA, tradition merges with popular culture. But is this the right way?