Autumn's Child

Emilia's dream becomes a nightmare when the midwife finds she can't love her own child.

As a midwife, Emilia is always helping women through pregnancy and birth into a new challenging phase of their lives. Now, it's her own turn. She and her husband Christoph are expecting their first child in a few weeks. Emilia prepares for the baby with professional ease and routine. She's happy and looking forward to the baby. But then things start to go wrong. Instead of giving birth at home, she's taken to the hospital. From the very first moment, she somehow feels unable to love her own child. She suddenly feels out of place in their small town home. Everyone seems strange to her: Her happy mother-in-law, a non-conformist hippie, her neighbor Gretel, who's raising five kids right along with her farm animals. And her loving husband, for whom life could be so perfect, singing in the church choir with his family. Emilia slides ever deeper into postnatal depression, endangering her life and her baby's.