Around the Edges

Thomas leaves his failed life in the big city behind, and finds a fresh start in his home town: Kerstin is recovering from her failed marriage. But are they ready to love again...?

Every seven years, the village of Bergenstadt celebrates the City Limits festival, a lively party commemorating the community's boundaries. The perfect excuse for failing academic Thomas to dump his girlfriend and escape from big-city Berlin to his home town. Back home, he runs into Kerstin, whose life is falling apart as well. Her marriage is on the rocks, her husband Jürgen is leaving her for a younger woman. Both vulnerable and on the rebound from broken relationships, Thomas and Kerstin share a brief, intense moment of intimacy. Seven years pass until they see each other again. Are they ready for another try?


Adolf-Grimme-Institut (2014)
    won    Best Film (Category Fiction)