Animals in Front of the Camera

Ernst Arendt and Hans Schweiger - two great names in the ranks of renowned animal film-makers - have set new standards of quality with their prize-winning documentaries.

In the three brand-new episodes the film team sets out to explore Australia. It is an entertaining journey, full of adventure and encounters with animals, magnificent landscapes and amusing experiences. The film team starts its journey across this vast continent at its most southwesterly point, traveling past fantastic beaches, meadows of flowers and forests of giant eucalyptus trees. From the glorious coastline of Western Australia they set off into the dry interior, crossing the famous Nullarbor Plain and finally reaching the Adelaide region. In Australia you have to share everything with kangaroos: camp sites, beaches and the highway. The historic Eyre Highway, which is no longer frequently traveled, brings the team back to pioneering times. The road ends in a small town where thousands of cockatoos swing on the antennae and slide down the tin roofs like skiers down the piste. From the picturesque Flinders Ranges, the journey continues along a disused railway line into the red desert and onto Alice Springs. Parrots, ravens and tiny zebra finches nest in abandoned railcars and even in aboriginal artwork. A sudden downpour floods the desert and the roads as well, showing a different side of life here.

-    Highway Through Australia: The Southwest (Part 1 - HD)
-    Highway Through Australia: Nullarbor (Part 2 - HD)
-    Highway Through Australia: Into the Red Center (Part 3 - HD)

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