Alaska Johansson

When successful head hunter Alaska Johansson loses her job and her lover, reality and madness begin to intermingle in the young woman's mind.

Alaska Johansson is the perfect woman and a top-notch head hunter. So when her married boss, with whom she has an affair, fires her and tells her their relationship has no future, she goes home and wants to kill herself with a poison cocktail. She's interrupted at the last minute by a child in a Halloween costume, demanding sweets. The child intrudes on her apartment and behaves oddly, suddenly disappearing after it spills the poison cocktail. Her neighbor later claims he doesn't have a child, even though Alaska saw the kid in his apartment. She informs the police of her strange observations, but they think she's a nutcase. The next day, Alaska's boss and lover calls and wants to apologize. On her way to the office, Alaska has a terrible accident. Looking at her X-rays in the hospital, the doctors make a horrendous discovery...

A nail-biting psycho-thriller directed by Achim von Borries ("Love in Thought") starring a spellbinding Alina Levshin ("Face to Face with Crime, "Combat Girls", "Generation War") and Stipe Erzog ("Unknown", "The Baader Meinhof Complex").

"'s not just a thriller but art, a psychological portrait. Excellently acted, wonderfully shot, mysterious, crazy, oppressive and beautiful." Die Welt 

"A hellish part: As the title character, Levshin exudes a grace that is truly too beautiful to be true... Grandiose, deranged, stylish television." Der Spiegel


Adolf-Grimme-Institut (2014)
    nominated    Best Film (Category Fiction)