A Spicy Kraut

Hatice's younger sister Fatma is pregnant and needs to get married NOW. But she can't marry until her older sister Hatice is married off first.. But where to find a groom for Hatice so fast? Especially when her expectations for Mr. Right are so ambitious: She wants a German husband, but a little Turkish spark would help too.

Family father Ismail loves to cruise through Salzgitter in his Mercedes, and pressures his wife Emine to polish up her German for the citizenship test, between baclava and börek. At the same time, he clings to an ancient Anatolian tradition: His eldest daughter Hatice has to be married before her younger sister Fatma can wed. The problem is, Fatma is pregnant, plain for all to see, so Hatice has to hurry up with her hunt for Prince Charming for her sister's sake. Only it's not so simple. She has very definite plans for her groom: She doesn't want to marry a Turk, only a German man. But he shouldn't be a complete wet noodle either - he needs some spunk. What she needs is a "Spicy Kraut" - but where can Hatice find one?