A Minute's Silence

A tender, timeless love story between a student and his teacher, before a breathtaking backdrop: Cliffs, woods, sleepy little coves - a world of sea and sky, like time forgot.

At the end of summer in a sleepy Baltic fishing town, a powerful illicit love takes root: Just before school starts again, 18-year-old Christian, a sea quarryman's son, falls in love with his new English teacher Stella Petersen. They develop a mutual attraction which overpowers them both in its intensity. But while Christian starts making plans for their future together, Stella starts to withdraw again. Dealing with the painful experience of having lost her, Christian looks back on his first great love - a love consisting of a few fleeting moments that will shape his life forever.

"A Minute's Silence" is the last and most successful novel by world-famous writer Siegfried Lenz (published in 29 countries, including the UK, USA, Canada, France, Italy and Spain). The big-budget literary adaptation starring "Deutschland '83" lead Jonas Nay was shot on the Danish island of Bornholm, in Berlin and surroundings.