A Dangerous Fortune (2 x 90 min.)



London, mid-19th Century. Orphaned by his father, young banker's son Hugh Pilaster finds himself at the mercy of his beautiful, power-hungry aunt Augusta. As they venture into London's underworld, Hugh and his best friend Solly, also a rich banker's son, both fall in love with working-class beauty Maisie. When Solly takes the unthinkable step of proposing to Maisie, Hugh escapes to America. Six years later he returns rich and successful, only to find his feelings for Maisie are unchanged...  Based on Ken Follett's world-wide bestselling novel (more than 7 million copies), A DANGEROUS FORTUNE is a fascinating story full of love, unfulfilled passion, greed, power, political and amorous intrigues, set in Victorian London, where the poor and rich class clashes and the first budding women's movement  starts to open new doors to empowerment. Directed by Christian Schwochow ("West", "Open The Wall", "The Tower"), the opulent drama stars Dominic Thorburn, Laura de Boer, Jeanette Hain ("The Reader"), Maria Dragus ("The White Ribbon"), Luca Marinelli ("The Great Beauty"), David Bennent ("Tin Drum") and many more.

Duration: 2 x 90 min