Kidnapped - Facing the Darkness

It’s the 1970s and Jochem Erlemann is the most charming rascal of the German business world. Even though his business practices are a thorn in the side of the state, the public prosecutor's office cannot put a stop to his game. On the contrary: Jochem even goes as far as to invite his “enemies” to the wild parties that he and his wife Gaby throw at the home they share with their boys, 11-year-old Johannes and his brother Andreas. The boys want for nothing until fate intervenes. The older boy Andreas is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Then in December 1980, Jochem Erlemann is arrested and held on remand. When Johannes is then kidnapped, it falls to his mother Gaby to raise the ransom of 3 million German marks, and deal with the shrewd kidnappers and distrustful police. After a two-week ordeal and a dramatic ransom handover, the young boy is freed and, in the courtroom, finds the strength to look the culprits in the eye.