FAST - Season 2

The FAST series focuses on an elite police unit tasked with tracking dangerous and hard to locate prison fugitives. The problem is that the trail left by fugitives goes cold in 48 hours – so the team has to work quickly.

Season 2 of FAST deals with the theme of safety, on the practical and psychological level. Ensuring the safety of fugitives and bystanders is one of the team’s most important tasks. This is challenging in an atmosphere where crime has become more diverse and brutal and there is disagreement about the state of prisoner rehabilitation. At the same time, the team’s own safety is a prerequisite for effective operations. The season presents perspectives on the risk classification of fugitives; what is waiting for them in prison and what they are running away from. A fugitive can also feel unsafe. However, nothing is ever black and white.

The spectacular crime series brings together Finland's greatest talents, such as Pirjo Lonka ("Deadwind"), Pelle Heikkilä ("Invisible Heroes"), Anna Böhm ("Bastard"), Mikko Leppilampi ("Bordertown") and Kristo Salminen ("Arctic Circle"). The mismatched team convinces in the thrilling action scenes as well as in the smart tactical operations.

Season 2 is coming soon.

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