You're Not Me

Aitana returns home for Christmas, the first time after three years, to find that her parents have replaced her with an unknown woman who is being treated like their daughter. She discovers a disturbing and bloody truth…

After an absence of three years, Aitana makes a surprise return home at Christmas so that her relatives can meet Gabi, her Brazilian partner, and their son. The reception from her parents is surprisingly very cold. Only her brother, who sits in a wheelchair, is pleased to see her again. But what affects Aitana most of all is the presence of a stranger her own age sleeping in her bed, wearing her clothes, living in her house, and treated by her parents as if she were their daughter. From that moment on, torn by jealousy, suspicion, and misunderstanding, Aitana tries to find out what is happening and who the intruder is that has taken her place in the family - until she discovers an unexpected and disturbing truth that is darker and way bloodier than she would ever have thought possible.

Nominated for the Goya, preselected for the Oscar and the winner of the Méliès d'Argent for Best European Short Film for 9 STEPS. The work of Moisés Romera and Marisa Crespo is a perfect combination of entertainment and reflection and has garnered more than 330 awards, 1,200 invitations to festivals and millions of online views.

YOU’RE NOT ME is their debut feature. A dark elevated genre thriller with elements of satire, focusing on several of the authors' obsessions: family relationships and social differences. YOU’RE NOT ME addresses universal issues and tries to surprise and make irreverent and even uncomfortable criticism so that the story stays uppermost in the audience’s mind. 

Moisés Romera and Marisa Crespo have been working together for the past 15 years and are currently developing the feature film version of 9 STEPS as well as the fiction series FUTURE IS NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE.


"You're Not Me" celebrated its world premiere at the Fantastic Fest 2023


"A merrily disturbing tale of fractured and frayed family dynamics. You think your family is odd at Christmas? You ain’t seen nothing yet." - The Hollywood News