Davos 1917

DAVOS 1917 is a spy drama based on real events that occurred in the early days of the European Secret Services.

1917 - the First World War is ravaging Europe. By contrast, Switzerland seems like an oasis of peace. But behind the scenes of neutral Switzerland, the secret agents of the world powers are lurking in Davos. Here, a young woman searches for self-determination and does everything she can to win back her daughter, who was taken away from her at birth.

The historical espionage series “DAVOS 1917” shines the spotlight on this spa town: inspired by true events, the series tells the fictional story of an extraordinary woman in the midst of a patriarchal world who develops into an important player in the espionage network. At the center of the story is the Swiss nurse Johanna Gabathuler (Dominique Devenport). After her Red Cross mission on the Western Front, she returns pregnant to her home town of Davos, where her family runs the "Cronwald" sanatorium. Along with patients from different social classes, they also accommodate wealthy and influential guests from all over Europe. Johanna Gabathuler unexpectedly gets caught between the fronts of the spies operating in Davos, who are secretly observing the powerful decision-makers. In order to win back her illegitimate daughter, she gets involved in a dangerous game with the German Secret Service - and suddenly becomes the decisive tip of the scales.

DAVOS 1917 is a major European big budget production by Contrast Film Zürich and Letterbox Filmproduktion Hamburg (producers of "Bad Banks“). The cinematically stunning and thrilling 6-part show is being co-produced by Amalia Film, Swiss television broadcaster SRF and the German production company ARD Degeto.