School of Magical Animals 2

The students of the school of magical animals want to perform a musical for the school’s anniversary. Will the rehearsals end in chaos or will the class pull together? And what’s up with the strange holes on the school grounds? With the help of their magical animals, the children learn what really matters: teamwork. THE SCHOOL OF MAGICAL ANIMALS 2 is a warm-hearted adventure with CGI-animated animals, set in an unusual school where the children receive a magical animal as a companion.

A strong, original and incomparable story by Margit Auer, translated into over 20 languages and published in multiple territories such as China, Japan, South Korea, all of Eastern Europe, the Nordic region, Israel, Turkey, Greece, the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal.

SCHOOL OF MAGICAL ANIMALS is one of the most successful children’s and young people’s book series with over 7 million copies sold in German-speaking countries. Director Sven Unterwaldt (“Catweazle”) beautifully translated the essence of the books along with impressive visuals into an exceptional children’s film. The successful producer Kordes & Kordes Film Süd (“Four Minutes”) adapted the book series for the big screen and as a co-production with Leonine Studios and Lightburst Pictures.