Dead Lucky

In Wiesenried, the clocks tick slower, but the post can take a little longer. But when a card flutters into Barthl's (Friedrich von Thun) stable with the delay of a handsome eleven months, it is no cause for cheerful shrugging of shoulders: he has missed a possible reunion with his daughter Johanna (Brigitte Hobmeier), who left the family home 23 years ago in a quarrel. Now Barthl knows neither whether she still wants to meet him, nor where that might be! Now more than ever - that's what pension landlady Sophie (Aglaia Szyszkowitz) advises him. He should summon up his courage and look for her! When Barthel tracks down the globetrotter at a nearby environmental protection project, he gets a surprise that melts his solitary heart: he has a grandson (Jawad Karim Rajpoot) with whom he gets on very well right away.

Sophie, meanwhile, is worried about a couple of elderly guests (Hark Bohm, Christine Ostermayer) who are behaving strangely. When she comes across a suspicious letter while rummaging around, the innkeeper's alarm bells start ringing. Now Sophie has to come up with something to dissuade them from their plan.