Mother in law approaching

Pensioner Sophie (Aglaia Szyszkowitz) had imagined her job as mayor differently: Only a few months in office, even the refuse collection no longer works! To defuse the scandal, she temporarily stores all the municipal waste in her yard. The improvisation artist gets active support from Felix (Hans-Jochen Wagner), who has appeared out of the blue and skillfully turns her head. Now, of all times, Sophie's ex-mother-in-law Brigitte (Eleonore Weisgerber) is at the door. The grande dame from Paris, to prevent an even less befitting successor, wants Sophie to return to her son Phillippe (François Smesny). While Leonie (Carolin Garnier) is happy about her grandmother's visit, Sophie wants to know as little as possible about her. She is amazed at the unexpected magic that the refined Brigitte casts on her oddball stablemate Barthl (Friedrich von Thun): he buys an elegant suit and dresses up properly to impress the elegant senior citizen. Sophie is anything but thrilled when other guests show up to thwart Brigitte in her secret mission.