The Conference - Documentary

This documentary sheds light on how millions of Jews were murdered and which role the meeting at the big Wannsee on the 20 January 1942 played for this decision. The minutes of the meeting reveal how openly and clearly the planned murder of millions of Jews in Europe was discussed in this meeting.

For the 21-year-old Margot Friedländer, who had been doing forced labour not far from the Wannsee villa since 1940, a new, painful chapter began with the consequences of this conference. In 1943, she and her brother Ralph tried to escape. Margot started hiding  from the Gestapo for months until she was arrested in 1944 and taken to the Theresienstadt ghetto. She was the only family member to survive the Holocaust.For the documentary, Margot Friedländer came once again to the „Villa am Wannsee“, where 80 years ago the conference took place. "Invitation to a meeting on the 'Final Solution of the Jewish Question' followed by breakfast," Margot Friedländer sums up in the interview. "I can't and will never understand how it was possible that something like that could take place, that people who were not human beings in my terms, gave their hands to do something like that."In addition to Margot Friedländer, the documentary also features historians such as Barbara Schieb, Prof. Peter Klein (Touro College Berlin, Faculty of Holocaust Studies) and Prof. Götz Aly, who have studied the racial mania in Nazi Germany and the Holocaust and have presented and analysed them in numerous publications.