The New Front

When Julia, a young trainee police officer, meets the secretive stranger Nick, she finds herself falling for him almost instantly. But after their first night together, she is shocked to see that Nick has a huge swastika tattoo on his back. Despite all the advice to forget the guy immediately, she decides to investigate the right-wing extremist scene for herself. She follows a trail deep into the forests of the Eifel to the abandoned bunkers of Hitler’s Siegfried Line. In this old World War II defense facility, the young police officer finds the hideout of a terrorist with whom she has more in common than she ever could have imagined. 

This edge-of-the-seat thriller series is produced by Gaumont Germany (“The Barbarians”) and stars Emma Bading (“Play”), Jannik Schümann (“Charité”), Devid Striesow (“Dignity”, “8 Days”) and Jeanette Hain (“Babylon Berlin”).