The Path

On the run from the Nazis, Rolf and his father find themselves stranded in southern France. The young shepherd girl Nuria has offered to guide them along a secret path through the Pyrenees, but Rolf’s father is then arrested halfway. Will the two children manage to escape on their own?

Director Tobias Wiemann (Mountain Miracle – An Unexpected Friendship) has succeeded with THE PATH in making a breathtaking film that is for adults as well as for a young audience. A story based on true historical events during the Second World World about courage, solidarity, the will to survive and friendship with Julius Weckauf (All About Me) in the lead role opposite Volker Bruch from Babylon Berlin and Anna Maria Mühe from Dogs of Berlin, among others. Produced by Daniel Ehrenberg (Eyrie Entertainment), the film combines an astonishingly light touch with great images and suspense to show what it means when children have to cope alone in fleeing war and terror and thus addresses a highly topical subject. THE PATH will be released theatrically in Germany by Warner Bros.