FAST - Season 1

FAST tells the case-by-case story of the Fugitive Active Search Team within the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation. The elite team’s mission is to improve domestic safety by tracking down and arresting dangerous or skilful fugitives. For each case, the team has 48 hours to locate the target before their trace turns cold.

The unit’s leader is Karita, a former homicide squad boss, whose efficiency is based on her ability to see the fugitives as individuals, not just as faceless criminals who are born evil. A fugitive’s motive for escaping can be anything from revenge to fear – or love. Once the motive is identified, the fugitive can be found without endangering the safety of others. At least that is what Karita thinks.

The chase becomes personal when Karita’s closest friend and colleague Niklas disappears during a fugitive case and is presumed dead. Karita’s mission is to find out what happened to him while trying to lead her team and to live up to her superiors’ expectations.

The spectacular crime series brings together Finland's greatest talents, such as Pirjo Lonka ("Deadwind"), Pelle Heikkilä ("Invisible Heroes"), Anna Böhm ("Bastard"), Mikko Leppilampi ("Bordertown") and Kristo Salminen ("Arctic Circle"). The mismatched team convinces in the thrilling action scenes as well as in the smart tactical operations.