Racoons everywhere

Air stewardess Sophie wants a fresh start. She decides to try her hand at running a guest house tucked away in a remote farm in the Alps. Standing in the way of her dream, however, is her cantankerous new neighbor, a real Bavarian curmudgeon.

Pension hostess Sophie and Barthl get unusual holiday guests into the house. Janine travels from Berlin with her three children from three fathers and her current partner. Barthl would like to chase the capital city dwellers, who make a lot of noise, stamp his beloved meadows and pee on the plants, off the farm immediately. Only Mandy does not seem to fit into the chubby family: The seven-year-old is super smart and prefers reading to playing with her mobile phone. With her, the odd Urbayer gets a soft heart. Meanwhile, Sophie is competing in the mayoral election! When Sophie receives the support of all the women of the village, the confident office-holder, Barthl's brother Ludwig, breaks into a huge sweat. Barthl has to decide wisely: Should he support his unloved landlady or his hated brother?

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The topics of sustainability and mindfulness are perennial issues on the agenda of Western societies and often manifest in a form of newly acquired “Landlust", a desire to live off the land. The film is an entertaining depiction of what such a new start in the countryside could actually mean professionally and privately – for three generations of people. With Aglaia Szyszkowitz and Friedrich von Thun (“Schindler’s list”, “Cold Hell”) in the leading roles.