Ferdinand von Schirach: Enemies

One story, two perspectives, two films: A police officer and a defense attorney struggling for what is right and what is just. 

The kidnapping of a 12-year-old girl is told in two parallel films. One film follows inspector Peter Nadler, who in a race against time uses dangerous methods to save the girl. The other follows the accused's defense attorney, Konrad Biegler, who wants to protect his client at all costs. In the end, Nadler and Biegler face each other in court and fight for their ideas of justice. But what is right and what is just? Does the end justify all means? Is the rule of law and its representatives allowed to do everything when it comes to saving human lives or must the law apply always and for all? We all want to do the right thing, but are we allowed to break the law for that?

This thrilling two-part TV event shows how dangerous it can become, if one puts its own sense of justice over the law. Starring Oscar-nominee Klaus Maria Brandauer ("Out of Africa", "James Bond - Never say never again") and Bjarne Mädel ("How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)", "Crime Scene Cleaner"). "Ferdinand von Schirach: Enemies” also captivates with the visually impressive production of director Nils Willbrandt.

The broadcast of "Ferdinand von Schirach: ENEMIES" reached an audience of more than 15 Mio. viewers in Germany. The prime-time airing of the first part "Against the clock" reached a market share of 21,8% on ARD.