Fire under the roof

Sophie is competing for a lucrative wedding: Veronika and her fiancé Steffen would like to celebrate with more than a hundred guests on the farm. For the highly indebted mountain guesthouse, the contract promises a real shower of money, because the bride's family is well-off.
The father Hajo, however, finds the farm anything but appropriate and wants to turn back immediately when he visits it. When a fire breaks out in the evening, his malicious comments are still the least of Sophie's problems. The fire department arrives just in time to save the house, but the newly renovated guest rooms are all charred and uninhabitable. The culprit is quickly found: Sophie's strange stable guest Barthl, who dozed off during his experiments.
For the insurance company's experts, the whole thing looks like arson and fraud. Only if Barthl fakes dementia the insurance company pays. Sophie could take advantage of the situation to get rid of him finally and for good.