The Doppelganger

A storm passed through the garden, leaving Petronella with so much work to do that she could really use an extra pair of hands. No sooner said than done! Petronella conjures up a doppelganger in no time. The new witch looks just like Petronella – but she's lazy and mean and bosses the other creatures around. And she even challenges Petronella to a Lotus Pocus, a special witch contest – whoever wins, gets the garden! Anxiously, our friends watch as Petronella and her doppelganger compete in various witch disciplines. Petronella competes to the best of her abilities, but when the doppelganger cheats and creates a second doppelganger, Petronella's defeat seems inevitable. If it weren’t for Leah, that is. She saves the day by sowing discord among the two doppelgangers until both of them raise their wands against each other. And the garden remains in the care of the one and only Petronella.