Mrs. Sander got the Blues

Leah and Louis are searching the garden for blueberries, as ingredient for their dad Paul’s infamous blueberry cake. Unfortunately, their yield is small. How lucky they are to have a witch as a friend! With a little “zip zap”, Petronella conjures up some blueberries for the twins to deliver to their dad. Paul finishes baking his cake and serves it to Mrs. Sander – but after eating it, her face turns blue! The twins and Petronella have their hands full trying to bring Mrs. Sander's natural complexion back before she or Paul notice that something is wrong. With the help of the Apple Stick Men – who have also turned blue – our friends find an antidote. The secret recipe for "de-bluing" Mrs. Sander is to make her laugh. And while she does not really understand Petronella’s jokes, she can’t help but burst out laughing as Paul and Leah accidentally trip over each other on the café terrace. Laughter is the best medicine!