What's up with Thornbush

As usual, headstrong hedge goblin Thornbush does not listen to Petronella. Instead of taking a few drops of a healing potion, he empties the whole bottle – which promptly turns his powerful roar into a meek meow. A nightmare for the grumpy goblin, but even more so as Mary Cookiebrite, the kids’ mom, hears his meowing and is determined to save the "little kitten". While Leah distracts her mother, Petronella tries to whizz Thornbush away through the air – but Thornbush is anything but a lightweight. He gets stranded in Petronella's apple tree in close reach of Mary. At the very last minute, Petronella saves the day by growing to human size and claiming the little kitten as hers. Thornbush gladly jumps into Petronella's cat basket – and, after a little counter-spell, he can roar again, mean as ever.