The Last Schrey

For more than 40 years in over 900 episodes, Scene of the Crime remains the most successful German crime format - not so much a series as a collection of stand-alone Movies-of-the-Week written, directed and acted by the best talents in Germany.

In front of the terrace of a popular restaurant Marlies Schrey, the wife of the knitwear manufacturer Gerd Schrey, gets killed in broad daylight - and nobody saw anything. Since Marlies was tied up and gagged, Kira Dorn and Lessing believe it was a failed kidnapping. The assumption is confirmed, when a ransom demand was made shortly afterwards at the Villa Schrey of over two million euros. Gerd was also and so it's up to his son Maik to raise the money. The Schreys have a kidnap and ransom policy, that's about to expire. Did Gerd Schrey have his own Staged kidnapping to save his ailing company to save?