04 - A surprise Picnic

Leah and Louis are planning a surprise picnic for Petronella. Unfortunately, they are overheard by Malina who promptly assumes that the twins are planning the picnic for her! Malina sneaks ahead into the garden to search a good picnic spot. Petronella and Lucius wonder what Malina is looking for and fly closer to her. Too close, because Malina mistakes them for a “monster beetle” and hits them´ with her flinging arms! Lucius lands on the ground, stiff with “beetle rigor”, and Petronella is helplessly stuck in a spider web. When Leah and Louis arrive in the garden, shrunken to miniature size, they start a dangerous rescue operation right next to a slumbering Malina, who first ate nearly all the cake and then blissfully fell asleep. But what about their picnic? Beetle Lucius and Mossy, the garden’s avid “waterer”, create a little “rain” that drives Malina away. And the friends can finally enjoy the leftovers during a real magic picnic on a flying blanket.

A magical garden full of fun creatures, two children and a chaotic apple witch – welcome to the adventurous world of Petronella Applewitch, heroine of a bestselling book series; and now at the centre of a beautifully animated series for kids aged 4-8.

Based on the bestselling novels by Sabine Städing and Sabine Büchner