03 - A friendly Gnome

Once again, gnome Nicky has behaved badly and the garden dwellers are all angry at him. Petronella gives him a word of advice: He should show his friends that he cares about them. When Nicky sees Leah and Louis filling out “friendship questions” in Malina’s “friendship book”, he sees this as a chance to make up with the others and snitches the book. While Nicky uses the book to show his interest in the garden dwellers, asking them about their hobbies, favorite food, etc., Leah and Louis are increasingly desperate to find Malina's book. When they finally find it with Nicky, the book is full of illegible scribbles – and Malina already in the garden waiting for it. Just in time, Petronella can turn the scribbles into words and Malina leaves happily. And Nicky? He serves each of the gardeners a piece of their favorite cake - because sometimes friendship can also go through the stomach.

A magical garden full of fun creatures, two children and a chaotic apple witch – welcome to the adventurous world of Petronella Applewitch, heroine of a bestselling book series; and now at the centre of a beautifully animated series for kids aged 4-8.


Based on the bestselling novels by Sabine Städing and Sabine Büchner