01 - The Broom-in-Chief

Witch-in-chief Pestilla's broom no longer flies properly. She has no choice but to entrust her beloved flying machine to Petronella and the Apple Stick Men – wood experts par excellence - for repair. After successful treatment, Petronella takes off for a test flight with the twins. However, Louis gets a bit overconfident - and the broom breaks! What now?! Luckily, the friends find a special glue recipe made of spruce honey in Petronella's magic book. Unfortunately, this glue needs a long time to dry. Unless it is dried in a proper oven – such as the one in the twins’ father’s bakery! A race against time begins in order to get the broom fixed before Pestilla returns, without Paul noticing their meddling in the bakery. In the end, Petronella and her friends can hand over Pestilla’s beloved broom in perfect condition and on top of that enjoy the by-product of their unusual repair method: delicious cookies!

A magical garden full of fun creatures, two children and a chaotic apple witch – welcome to the adventurous world of Petronella Applewitch, heroine of a bestselling book series; and now at the centre of a beautifully animated series for kids aged 4-8.


Based on the bestselling novels by Sabine Städing and Sabine Büchner