Faking Bullshit

In a sleepy little town in a quiet corner of Germany, four police officers Deniz, Rocky, Netti and Hagen have made their peace with the near total absence of crime on their patch.
Their stress- and work-free lives are however rudely interrupted by the arrival of their new colleague Tina who has come to review whether the station needs to be open at all given the distinct lack of criminal activity in the town. To save their jobs, the law enforcement officers decide there and then to switch sides and start faking some crimes. After all: If you want to sell a service, you first have to create a demand.

FAKING BULLSHIT tells a farcical story about love, friendship and self-determination, which is imaginative, witty and bravely funny. This feature film is a showcase of what is possible in the genre "German comedy", mixing slapstick comedy with sharp social commentary and highlighting the comedic talents of its excellent cast featuring Bjarne Mädel (“How to sell Drugs on the Internet (fast)”, “Ferdinand von Schirach: Enemies”), Alexander Hörbe (“Babylon Berlin”, “Unterleuten – The Torn Village”), Sina Tkotsch (“Jungle Child”, “The Witch and the Ottoman”) or Adrian Topol (“November Child”, “A Houseful of Animals”).