Control your fear or the fear will control you.
In order to weaponize fear for military use, a crazed doctor in a secret government testing facility tortures his patients with extreme experiments. They have to face their phobias and re-live their most painful memories over and over.

This gripping horror-thriller brings to life your worst nightmares, starring multi-talented Macy Gray and Hanna Lee Mae (“Pitch Perfect”-trilogy, “The Babysitter”), Martina García (“Narcos”, “The Hidden Face”), Leonard Nam (“Westworld”, “Sneaky Pete”), Rushi Kota (“Grey’s Anatomy”, “The Divorce Party”) and Lauren Miller Rogen (“Like Father”, “Better off Single”).

Five patients suffering from extreme phobias are put to the ultimate test at a secret government testing facility. Under the supervision of a crazed doctor, who wants to weaponize fear for military use, they have to endure horrific experiments.
Johnny, a loner caring for his ailing father, suffers from a fear of technology after befriending a dark force on the internet. After a robbery gone wrong, tough punk rocker Sami, is terrified of driving. Emma, a school teacher, suffers is afraid of teenagers after she has been attacked by students in her home. Alma, an ex-S.W.A.T. member horrified by weapons after an accidental hit during a raid. High powered architect Renee suffers from a fear of imperfection that drives her to kill.
When Johnny infiltrates the facility in order to appease a greater force and seek revenge against the doctor who tortured his father years ago, the group must learn to confront their anxieties in order to escape.