Nanny on Board III

Premium Nanny Henni is perfectly practical in every way.

After her previous escapades in Mauritius and South Africa, the latest mission facing nanny Henni Höffner takes her to Canada, to Vancouver Island in fact. What she really wants this time is something nice and easy. And at first it seems as though she's struck lucky. All she has to do is take care of 13-year-old Bristol while her father Christopher gets married for the second time. The fact that his fiancée Pia is pregnant is a secret for the time being. But Henni hadn't realized that she has been hired by one of the wealthiest families on the Island. Though it isn't long before Christopher's snobbish mother Esther makes this abundantly clear to Henni and Pia. What's more, Bristol herself is a rebellious character who proves to be a real handful even for an experienced nanny. But Henni wouldn't be Henni if she didn't see through the facade that has been erected and work out precisely where the problem lies with this wealthy family.