Beware of the Mom

What’s a mother to do when her son finds himself in a plight he doesn't want her to know about? Well, lie of course! The hoax is soon rumbled but so too are a string of secrets both old and new.

Martin's career as a practical veterinarian was a bit of a disaster and now he works in research – or at least he did until he lost that job too. It's not that he's stupid or lazy just incredibly scatterbrained. But his girlfriend has had enough and so she throws him out. Just as he is coming to terms with this, he gets a phone call from his mother: his father Henning, a country vet, has broken his arm and needs Martin's help. His relationship with his father is anything but easy, still Martin comes to the rescue – after all, it's not like he has anything better to do. What he doesn't know is that his parents have learned of his recent troubles and are faking the emergency with the broken arm to get Martin back home. But Martin soon has to learn that his parents have many secrets – old and new – he wasn’t aware of…

This family story unfolds with a great deal of humor and sensitivity against the backdrop of the beautiful north German countryside. The classic and popular TV narrative of a family of vets is brought to the screen once more with a very contemporary twist.