A perfect fit

Katharina has some pretty strong ideas about what she wants in a man and it’s not Mike. And yet…

She may come from a rural village but Katharina is a big city girl now. Career-wise everything is going great for the young lawyer, her love life, on the other hand, needs some help. The ‘problem’ is that this attractive single woman has very exacting standards. Even in a city with 1.5 million inhabitants there are only twelve potential candidates – purely statistically speaking! And of those carefully selected online dates, none made the grade. The idea that she might meet Mr. Right in her hometown and by chance, at that, never even dawned on her. But as so often happens, life gets in the way of her plans. When Katharina must return home to look after her mother Johanna after she suffers a fall in her house, she hires carpenter Mike to adapt her parents' house for her mother's current needs. That her mother instantly relishes the idea of the good-looking carpenter as a potential son-in-law is actually an immediate black mark against him in Katharina’s mind. Mike's easy-going, self-confident manner also rubs her up the wrong way initially. Nonetheless, things start to spark between them – even though a provincial craftsman does not meet any of the criteria set out by the status-conscious lawyer! For the romance to lead somewhere Katharina must decide what is truly important to her.

A romantic comedy with depth for the entire family, which puts a spotlight on current cross-generational topics with honesty and a twinkle in its eye. The director succeeds in getting precisely the right mix of gentle tones and fast witty dialog and thus creates the perfect balance between screwball comedy and tragicomedy.