When he sets out to investigate the suspicious death of a fellow journalist, Boris Berkowitz’ dogged pursuit of the truth sets off a chain of events that ultimately leaves him on his own, fighting afaceless criminal network whose power extends to the highest office in the land and beyond. He must risk his own life to protect his family and his source, an enigmatic escort who knows too much.

Journalist Boris Berkowitz is covering the first international arms fair in Santiago de Chile after the return to democracy in 1990. He soon finds himself entangled in a web of intrigue involving the death of British journalist Jonathan Moyle who was also covering the event. The seemingly fortuitous encounter with Divina Day, a young escort with an exclusive clientele, takes Berkowitz deep into the murky world of weapons dealing, prostitution and drug trafficking where he will have to choose between getting out alive and protecting his family, or revealing the truth about Moyle's fake suicide and saving the young prostitute who put him onto the story.

A nail-biting political thriller based on true events. Set in Chile, just after the fall of Augusto Pinochet’s regime, the media are telling a tale of joyful new beginnings and grand political landmarks for Chile’s fledgling democracy. Behind the scenes, however, a silent war rages: a war for the control of the global arms business.

Based on the novel "El arte de callar" by Roberto Brodsky